Coloured Tarmac Driveways Are No Longer Restricted To One Colour

Are you thinking of installing a new driveway, but want something different? Well, the good news is you can choose any colour or finish you desire. Adding that splash of colour and distinctive surface finish can help give your driveway a new lease of life.

Eye-Catching Coloured Driveways

A coloured driveway is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd, instantly adding character to your home, while transforming the exterior of your property.

The most popular coloured driveways are red, green or blue, but you are welcome to choose whichever colour you think benefits your property the most. Driveways finished in red tarmacadam often have a border of contrasting grey block paving.

The colour is determined by the type of stone used, often adding an extra pigment. Though the binder surface will weather during the first year, the stone aggregate will keep its colour for decades to come. The surface offers excellent skid resistance and is hard wearing, so you can be assured of value for money in return for your investment.

There Are Many Different Driveway Finishes Available

With many colours and finishes available to choose from, you can be truly creative. Ranging from blue, for a restrained, yet distinctive appearance, to a more natural look. Buff coloured, or clear tarmac, for example, is a great way to resurface the driveway of a more traditional build.

Alternatively, if you want to create a more modern finish for your home’s driveway, then why not choose a light grey colour or pale blue?

Get A Durable and Colourful New Driveway

Colourful tarmac driveways not only look fantastic, but they are incredibly durable. Tarmac is such a resilient material, it can cope with heavy traffic for decades. Also, coloured tarmac doesn’t fade, so it will appear just as good a decade later.

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