5 Key Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Driveway

You wouldn’t want to drive on a bumpy road with potholes, so why would you continue to park on a driveway full of them either?

Your driveway is often one of the most crucial aspects of the exterior of your home, which is why it’s important that it looks fresh and ready to impress your neighbours and any visitors.

Despite this, not every homeowner recognises when it’s time that work needs to be completed on their driveway, but fortunately Bestco Surfacing Ltd does! Thanks to our team’s knowledge, we have created this guide covering the five key signs that it’s time to replace your driveway so that you don’t leave it later for things to get worse.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 problems…

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1. Cracking on the surface

Cracking is one of the most apparent signs that your driveway needs either a complete replacement or at least repairing. Occurring more in concrete or asphalt driveways, they are likely to occur primarily because of old age, though numerous other factors can also contribute including the use of heavy vehicles or objects on the driveway.

Not only does cracking look really bad for your driveway, but they also enable an opening for further damage. Substances like oil, gas and salt can easily reach the foundation of your driveway through cracks, which can then cause further damage to the surface by increasing the size of the cracks.

2. Potholes are more apparent

Spotting any potholes is another vital sign that your driveway is in dire need of resurfacing. Like with potholes that occur on road surfaces, it’s often that continuous wear & tears from the weight of vehicles and rough weather conditions that make them appear. As you can probably guess, it’s never recommended to drive or park over a pothole as this can significantly damage the vehicle’s wheels and suspension, as well as various other parts of the car.

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3. Poor drainage quality

Most driveways are installed with at least one type of drainage system implemented, so if you recognise an increase in flooding on the surface of your driveway, it might be time to investigate. For reference, the typical driveway is often installed with a slight stance, enabling water to flow down the driveway into the drainage system installed on the road network. Not only does having excess water look bad, but it also weakens spots, further leading to cracks and potholes.

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4. Weeds are growing through

Having any greenery coming through the surface of your driveway is also a bad sign in more than one way. It’s likely that that weeds might grow around the sides of the driveway, after all, it’s likely to be surrounded by grass, but finding weeds in the middle of your driveway should require immediate attention. This is because it’s possible that the foundation of the driveway has been damaged or has aged over time, enabling weeds to grow through to the surface layer.

5. Not looking all that great

There is no other way to say it, but having an unattractive driveway due to age might also warrant a replacement. After many years of being exposed to various weather conditions, it’s safe to say that UV rays, chemicals and daily use are bound to make the driveway lose its aesthetic appeal.

Maybe it’s time for a resurface

For those that are keen on speaking to a team of experienced driveway resurfacing contractors, you will be pleased that Bestco Surfacing is here to help. Since our establishment, we have gained a glowing reputation not just because of our world-class resurfacing projects, but also due to our first-class customer service.

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