6 ‌Tips To‌ Keep Your ‌Tarmac Driveway ‌Looking Brand New‌ ‌

Installing a new tarmac driveway is often a dream come true for many homeowners, and there is a good reason for that, it’s one of the most appealing parts for their home’s exterior. As a result, it must be maintained correctly and appropriately, but how is this done? 

  • Let it dry before usage

This only applies to homeowners who have only just surfaced their brand new driveway, but it’s important to let the driveway dry appropriately before usage. To keep the driveway in the very best condition, it’s suggested that you don’t drive the tarmac for at least three days. This will give it ample time to solidify fully as the surface can still be soft and prone to damage within the first three days. 

  • Clean any spillages immediately

Like with any driveway surface, any spillages of chemicals must be cleaned up immediately to avoid the tarmac from being damaged. For oily substances, it must be completely soaked up before attempting to clean, with materials such as sand and sawdust being ideal choices to help with this process.

For the cleaning, it’s suggested to simply use water when possible. Although jet washers are bound to remove the stain with ease, make sure that you use a lower pressure otherwise you will potentially cause damage to the tarmac by breaking loose stone chippings. 

  • Know how weather can influence the surface

Although tarmac is a highly durable and enduring material, it can still be prone to weather damage. In summer most notably, the heat from the sun can cause the tarmac surface to soften, meaning it’s then prone to further damage from heavy vehicles. To ensure that the driveway is protected, it’s recommended to simply spray cool water over the driveway when you have the chance, giving it time to harden once more and become less prone to damage. 

  • Apply tarmac restorer

Similar surface dressing, tarmac restorer is one of the most effective ways to not only keep your tarmac driveway looking good, but also protected. This is because the restorer created a tough and durable layer on top of the existing surface, which not only looks like fresh tarmac, but is also weatherproof and prevents the plants to grow through the new additional layer. 

  • Avoid turning on the driveway

Scuffs are one of the most easily noticeable marks on tarmac driveways, yet it can easily be avoided by stopping one thing – turning your wheels. Yes, turning your wheels whilst remaining stationery not only damages your wheels, but also leaves an unpleasant sight on your driveway. 

  • Clean the tarmac appropriately

Finally, simply cleaning your driveway will also ensure that it continues to look brand new. That being said, you must clean the tarmac in the correct approach, otherwise you can potentially damage the surface and base layer. For reference, the most suitable approach to clean your driveway is by simply sweeping off any debris, as well as applying water at low pressure. As mentioned above, using a powerful jet washer is never advised as it can potentially cause additional damage by removing loose stone chippings. 

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