The Advantages Of Surface Dressing

To guarantee the very best road surfaces for vehicles, it’s vital that the road is surfaced correctly, but also maintained effectively. Various approaches can be carried out to ensure this, with one of the most effective being surface dressing. 

What is surface dressing?

Surface dressing is considered as one of the very best methods to prolong the life of road surfaces, often because it’s very cost-effective and easy to perform. The process involves applying a new layer of bitumen across the road surface, at which point stone chippings are then scattered and eventually flattened by machinery to create a smooth and flat surface. 

When is it carried out?

Despite how effective surface dressing is, it can’t be applied in all situations. Ideal conditions for this approach is when the road surface and paving is still in a relatively good condition, but cracks and wear & tear are starting to appear. It’s worth noting, that this is not a viable solution if the road surface has been subject to major damage, as that will require excavation work and new paving. 

Advantages of surface dressing

  • Improves skidding resistance

The more that roads are used, the less grip there is to use for vehicles. Fortunately, with a surface dressing, the road’s skidding resistance will significantly improve, decreasing the chances for vehicles to skid or lose grip. 

  • Helps to make the road waterproof

Especially with surfacing materials such as asphalt or tarmac, large cracks in the road can lead to significant water damage within the surface layer, causing further damage if left untreated. Through surface dressing, the whole surface will become waterproof due to the bitumen layer and stones that fill in any cracks, helping to maintain the waterproof nature of the roads. 

  • Stable and smooth roads

Especially for older roads, it’s likely that large potholes are apparent, which can be very dangerous for drivers. Additionally, they have likely become very chipped, creating an unstable and rough surface to drive on. However, as mentioned previously, the whole surface with the new layer will be flattened with machinery, creating a stable and smooth surface for drivers.

  • Quick to surface

As surface dressing simply involves applying a new layer over the existing infrastructure, surface contractors can complete sections of road in a matter of hours, which is a massive timesaver compared to a complete resurfacing project. 

  • Pro-long maintenance

If surfacing dressing is completed to the very best level by the surfacing contractors, it’s estimated the final finish will prolong the life of the road by up to 15 years, whereas different solutions last around half as long. This is as well as not needing additional maintenance treatment, further reducing material and labouring costs. 

  • Cost-effective

Finally, surface dressing is also very cost-effective compared to alternative solutions, most notably complete excavation and surfacing of a new road surface. Due to the process involved, very little money is required for materials and labouring, which compared against how long-lasting the surface dressing is, creates a very cost-effective solution. 

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