The Benefits of Having a Driveway

Unfortunately, not all properties in the UK have a driveway and this can be a make or break factor when deciding on your next home. Even if the property doesn’t currently have a usable driveway if there is space outside the front of the property and a drop-down curb, then there is definitely potential. Here at Bestco Surfacing, we completely understand that installing a driveway can seem very daunting but there are so many benefits of having one, so let us talk you through a few of them. 

Ease of access 

With the majority of households having more than one car, it can be incredibly difficult to park on the road outside of your home and it can be so frustrating to have to drive back and forth looking for a parking space at the end of a working day. Knowing that you can simply pull straight onto your drive will take away all of the stress of parking every time you leave the house. 

A driveway also makes everyday activities much easier, such as bringing in the shopping or removing car seats. Many people underestimate the beauty of having their own driveway and we can assure you that once you have had one, there is no going back. 


If you live on a busy road and have young children getting everyone into the car safely can be a serious mission, especially if you are parked on the road. Worrying about oncoming cars and having to open the doors wide enough to get children into car seats doesn’t need to be a daily occurrence. Knowing that your children are safe on your driveway and that you have all of the room you require to ensure they are safely in the car will be such a big relief. 

Parking on the road doesn’t just put yours and your families lives in danger but it also isn’t safe for your car. Any passing vehicle can easily hit your car and cause detrimental damage. It is also more common for cars to be stolen or broken into when they are parked on the road. A driveway is a real deterrent to any thieves. You will find that parking on a driveway has an impact on the cost of your car insurance, as many companies know how much safer it is to park on a driveway. 

Adding value to your property 

It is no secret that the exterior of your property is just as important as the interior when you’re getting your property valued. All valuers take into account areas such as gardens, driveways and patios when providing you with your valuation. We can guarantee you that the lack of a driveway or even unkempt grass verges, cracked paving stones and mismatched paving slabs will not only affect the price of your property but be a turn off any potential buyer.

Not only will a high-quality driveway add value to your property, but it will also make it much easier to sell your property. A driveway is often a must-have for those looking to move home and it isn’t uncommon for people to turn down a viewing due to the property not having a driveway. If you want to give yourselves the best chance of making money on your property and a quick sale, then a driveway is definitely something to be considered. 

Aesthetically pleasing 

Your property is usually one of your biggest investments and of course, you will want it to look good. We are all happy to regularly redecorate the interior of our properties and spend a lot of money on furnishings to ensure your rooms look good but what about the exterior of your property? You will be surprised how different your property will look when you lay a driveway. Your driveway and the exterior of your property is the first thing that any guests will see and in order to make a good first impression, you should ensure that these areas aren’t just practical but they are also aesthetically pleasing. 


Overall, laying a driveway may require a little investment and time initially but you can then reap its benefits for many years. With lots of different options to choose from such as asphalt driveways, tarmac driveways and block paving driveways, you can find the perfect solution for you. Simply contact driveway contractors like our team here at Bestco Surfacing and we can go over these options with you in further detail.