Driveway Maintenance and Repair: The Ultimate Guide

Investing in the repair and maintenance of your driveway is crucial in order to create the best first impression for guests when they enter your home. This is especially vital if you are planning to sell your home, as prospective buyers will assume a poorly maintained driveway is an indication that the rest of the house will be in a similar condition.

Just by having a driveway, you can already expect to see a 10% markup on your home’s value, as having a private parking space is seen as a premium feature. If you want to maximise this benefit, read our short guide on the cost to repair and maintain one of your home’s best assets.

How Do You Maintain a Driveway?

In this blog post, we will talk about the two major residential driveway services that we offer in order to effectively maintain your driveway. These are:

  • Driveway Resurfacing
  • Sealing Your Driveway

Maintaining and repairing your driveway is about being vigilant and proactive with the care of your driveway. Noticing slight changes like cracks, potholes or stains and reacting to them will leave you with a driveway that has a solid foundation and looks brand new. It’s also good to be able to recognise when you might need some professional assistance.

As a general rule, it is better to get a helping hand when your driveway is beginning to deteriorate, rather than reach out for help down the line when the foundation may be compromised. Resurfacing and resealing your driveway is a much more straightforward and cost-effective process than laying down a fresh one.

It’s worth noting that other independent actions like intensive cleaning and avoiding heavy vehicle use will dramatically extend the lifetime of your driveway. On another note, repairing your driveway is about targeting damage, while maintaining your driveway can involve installing upgrades. We offer design services for real home enthusiasts, including coloured tarmac driveways. This is a great option if you want to switch up the look of your entrance. You can even finish your designer driveway off with decorative paving. Check out our recent portfolio case studies to see some of our favourite work.

What Is the Cost to Resurface a Driveway?

Resurfacing your existing driveway is an easy option that will add a polished feel to the exterior of your home. We offer resurfacing projects as part of our varied range of residential driveway services.

The cost of resurfacing projects varies depending on a number of factors, including the type of driveway, the size of your driveway and the current condition of the driveway. For example, we cater to different types of driveways, including concrete, asphalt and gravel. Each material is dealt with slightly differently and an entire resurfacing project is not always necessary. If you’re looking to repair concrete driveway cracks, you may get away with fixing the targeted area if the rest of the driveway is in good condition.

As you can imagine, the larger a driveway is, the more expensive the cost of a resurfacing project will be. This means that, in most cases, you should expect to receive a quote based on the measurements of your driveway. To get an accurate idea of how much your driveway resurfacing will cost, we recommend that you request a free quote.

How Often Should Your Driveway Be Sealed?

If you have an asphalt driveway, you should consider resealing it regularly for the best results. Unfortunately, the turbulent weather and changing climate in the UK makes it advisable to reseal your asphalt driveway more frequently than if you lived elsewhere. The combination of dry, warm weather and wet seasons makes driveways in the UK more vulnerable to these surfacing issues. Sealing your driveway every three to four years is a good rule of thumb, however, some of our clients prefer to seal their driveway every year to properly protect their initial investment.

Resealing your driveway is the best method to retain the quality of your driveway’s surface and prevent permeation issues. As a bonus, maintaining your driveway in this manner could save you money in the long-run, as it should never need any major repairs. Sealing your driveway can prevent larger issues in the future by keeping concrete cracks at bay.

Looking to reseal or resurface your driveway? Discover the true cost of driveway maintenance and repair by requesting a free quote tailored to your individual needs.