How To Maintain Your Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt is one of the most popular material choices for driveways, and there is a good reason for it, asphalt is very durable and quick to install. However, even the very best driveways regardless of the material, require regular maintenance, which is where the team at Bestco Surfacing looks to help.

Why does it need to be maintained?

Not only is your asphalt driveway a key aspect for practical purposes, but several people choose asphalt because of its design, which is why it’s key that it’s correctly maintained. Failing to do so can result in cracks, weed growth, potholes, and just a general eyesore, which you wouldn’t want if you are looking to sell your home. 

How to maintain your asphalt driveway

  • Seal coat the asphalt

Sealing your driveway with a specialist coat is the first step to maintaining a long-lasting surface. The primary reason to do this aids with waterproofing the surface, as well as helping to fight cracking, potholes and reduces the risk of slippage. 

In addition to increasing the durability of the asphalt, the increase in the coating will also help to keep the surface look fresh and appealing, as continuous use of the driveway will cause the surface look old and off-colour. 

  • Don’t allow water to puddle on the surface

Yes, your driveway is bound to get wet over time, after all, it’s likely to be exposed to rain, but continuously having puddles on the driveway will cause the water to seep into the asphalt. This will lead to the expansion of potholes and cause further damage to surface quality, which would then require further repairs. 

  • Clean your driveway

As your driveway is outside, it’s highly likely that the weather conditions will cause dirt, liquids and other mess to appear on your driveway, which should always be cleaned off swiftly. You’re first thought maybe use a power washer and specialist liquid like its a concrete driveway, though asphalt can be easily damaged if incorrectly washed, so it may be best to consult specialists to help. 

  • Protect the edges

Especially for newer asphalt driveways, the edges can be additionally vulnerable to damage, which is why a few things should be kept in mind in regards to maintenance. This includes bulking up the soil along the edges, as well as using a strong material for the edging to avoid easy damage. 

  • Avoid working with oil

Engine oil is not just known to significantly stain and impact the visual appeal of ground surfaces, but as asphalt is an oil-based material, liquid oil can easily dissolve the surface of the driveway. 

  • Regularly check the surface

Above all else, you should frequently be checking your driveway to check for all of these issues and more. Without a thorough check every once in a while, it’s unlikely that you will recognise the issues.

Call in the experts

Fortunately for customers, our expertise lies further than explaining how to maintain your asphalt driveway. As one of the highest-rated driveway surfacing contractors in Hertfordshire, our team has gained a glowing reputation due to our ability to plan, surface and maintain world-class asphalt driveways that are built to last. 

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