Tarmac Vs Block Paving Driveways

What are the Cons to block paving?

Unfortunately, with beauty comes expense. Block paving can be expensive. Prices differ depending on the blocks used and the area of space to block pave.

The time it takes to lay these bricks is also much longer than laying tarmac as the bricks all have to be set individually. It is also essential to ensure that each of these individual bricks is level.

The only other downside to block paving is that it is prone to moss and weeds growing and therefore does require regular maintenance.

Tarmac or block paving – which is best?

Ultimately there are three main factors which will determine whether a block paving or tarmac driveway is installed;

  1. The finished look you desire
  2. The time you have to complete the work
  3. Your budget.

Of course, you also have the option to combine the two – it isn’t uncommon for people to opt for a tarmac drive with paving decoration. 

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