Coloured Asphalt – Is This The New Approach For Driveways?

Your Resin-Bound Driveway

Asphalt is one of the most popular choices for driveways, and there is a good reason so, there is one particular aspect that can be modified with them, their colour. Of course, there is nothing to wrong with the standard black finish, as this is still very refreshing if it maintained correctly, though there is also an alternative that we feel is becoming one of the biggest driveway trends this decade – coloured asphalt driveways. 

Why use asphalt?

First off, we need to establish why you should be using asphalt for your driveway. Not only is asphalt one of the most durable surface composites, but also cost-effective solutions when looking at the lifespan of the driveway, which can last up to 20 years. Whatmore, asphalt is also very easy to install, which is why it’s also used in various other surfacing projects including car parks, playgrounds and roads. 

Why should you incorporate some colour?

  • Aesthetically pleasing

As mentioned, black asphalt doesn’t look too bad if it is maintained carefully, but coloured asphalt will always remain aesthetically pleasing. It can turn a dull standard driveway into a bold introduction for your home, where the use of colour is a great way to show your creative side. It’s also just very attractive to see, especially because it introduces even more colours alongside the plants & grass, and house colour, which will make your house and driveway stand out and make your neighbours jealous. 

  • Fast-installation

Asphalt has always been known for its quick installation process, and coloured asphalt is no different. The process, which we will explain later, is very simple and quick, where it barely hinders the overall process of surfacing the driveway, meaning the whole laying and drying of the driveway should only take two days. 

  • Eco-friendly

Almost all coloured driveways are also eco-friendly in regard to the substances used to create the coloured asphalt. With that being said, coloured driveways are also much environmentally friendly, as they are less likely to absorb heat compared to standard black surfaces which are also known to become damaged easier. 

  • Increases safety

Although this doesn’t necessarily apply to all driveways, more so every colour, coloured asphalt driveways have also been proven to increase safety and awareness. This is because road users can now easily see the coloured driveway on approach, increasing the overall safety of when they drive. 

How is it made?

There are several approaches that can be utilised to create coloured asphalt, each depending on the overall outcome that you are looking to achieve. That being said, for reference the most popular approach is to create the standard asphalt mixture, then whilst it’s still hot, add pigments of the colour that you wish. Once this has been completely mixed together, the asphalt can then be laid to create the coloured driveway for your home. 

Keen to introduce some colour?

Fortunately for those that are keen on installing a brand new coloured asphalt driveway, Bestco Surfacing is here to help. As a family-run business, we have been installing tarmac and asphalt driveways for over 40 years, enabling us to gain a glowing reputation for our exceptional driveways and first-class customer service. 

By getting in touch with us today, you can speak to one of our experienced specialists regarding your specific needs and requirements, where we can begin to plan the design for your brand new coloured asphalt driveway. To get in contact, we suggest giving us a call on 01992 652 477, though if you would prefer to write, we advise sending an email to with your contact details attached so that we can get in touch at the earliest convenience.